Suri Cruise is revealed

I’m only gone for three days and the world blows up. I missed a few big things which I’ll post just because I know you miss me. The first is obviously Vanity Fair finally releasing pictures of Tom and Katie’s Asian baby. At about 4 months old, Suri already has a full set of dark black hair and looks kind of cute.

People are already trying to throw some rumors around that this is Chris Klein’s baby, but there’s only one thing I know for sure. It’s a rather cute baby with a really nice head of hair that will make all those bald babies so jealous.

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Tyler Durden
Tyler Durden
16 years ago

Holy crap…you actually said something nice?
Is it the apocalypse, or did you win some money in Vegas, and you’re feeling magnanimous?

16 years ago

no, he lost money