The Simpsons will never end

In news that is both uplifting and disconcerting, Matt Groening has revealed that as long as his people have a good time making The Simpsons, there will be no end in sight. This piece of news seems appropriate as the season premiere was on Sunday.

Lately (read: 8 seasons ago), The Simpsons has been going downhill. I only let out one chuckle during the season premiere. Even Paris Hilton being arrested gave me two. Seeing Homer become dumber each season and being relegated as some go to gag is like a kick in the head.

The Simpsons should be about Homer going to the racetrack with Bart on Christmas to win money for presents and coming home with Santa’s Little Helper, but I doubt you’ll ever see that level of writing come back. You’ll just have to live with Homer squishing his boobs together in front of a mirror.

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