Anna Nicole might be dishonest

Anna Nicole Smith is now being accused of bribing Bahamas’ immigration minister, Shane Gibson, with a $10,000 check delivered personally to his home to fast track her citizenship. According to Larry Birkhead, this was necessary to avoid any talks of custody and visitation. Minister Gibson explains,

â€Å”Now granted this one was done very quickly,â€Â? he told The Bahama Journal. â€Å”We did our research. It’s not the first time.â€Â? He cited the case of a wealthy Czech financier from 1995, whose application was processed in just over two months. When asked if he had visited Smith in the hospital after the death of her son, Minister Gibson refused to comment.

Gibson just told everyone that if you’re really famous or really wealthy, citizenship will come pretty fast and if you’re not any of these things, then maybe you shouldn’t be escaping to the Bahamas anyway.

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