Anne Hathaway is a genius

Before Anne Hathaway became an actress, she wanted to become a nun. But unlike other actresses who are shy about nudity in films, Anne Hathaway has gone the opposite route and promised to continue doing nude scenes like those in Havoc and Brokeback Mountain.

“I grew up studying classic painters. They certainly didn’t shy away from nudes. I don’t find anything morally reprehensible about it. I think it is different to pose in a pair of hotpants on the cover of Stuff magazine. That’s something I’m just not interested in doing.”

I like. Natalie Portman and Scarlett Johansson can learn a thing or two from this intelligent woman. If you’ve got the breasts or you’re cute, you need to take the plunge into on-screen nudity. Sure there can be some lows like Havoc, but there are also the exhilarating highs like Brokeback Mountain. And look what happened to Brokeback. Oscar! How can you not be sold?

I’ll admit we’ve had our differences, but Anne is doable in these pictures.

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Luca Moretto
17 years ago

class woman!!! j’adore… :-d

17 years ago

i think anne is the worlds best actress and i cannot wait for her next film to come out