Brooke Hogan will never be hot

Brooke Hogan

Not even FHM or Photoshop can save Brooke Hogan. I should know because Photoshop took me under its wing and saved me from a life of drugs and alcohol. That’s how I became what I am today. A ninja. Thank you Photoshop!

(Why do you think FHM used the scary Halloween font for Brooke’s name. No, not because it’s October.)

Brooke HoganBrooke HoganBrooke Hogan

Brooke HoganBrooke Hogan

  • yeah she’s annoying.. but what the hell, i’d probably still hit it.. some of those pictures are hideous though.

  • molly

    yeah, the pictures really look fake, like nothing like her
    but shes gorgeous still

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