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Disneyland France could very well be the happiest place on Earth. At least for Minnie Mouse. Video fixed…for now.

Angelina is literate – Angelina Jolie attempts to read a book. No one is fooled. Everyone knows she planned the hit on the 19-year-old bicyclist.

Big Bird almost got a reach around – Maria Menounos almost gave Big Bird something he missed out on during his stint on Seasame Street. An orgasm.

Jenny McCarthy wears a bra during sex – Jenny McCarthy keeps her bra on during sex because she’s self-conscious about her c-section scar, floppy breasts and stretch marks. Everything that could happen to this girl’s chest already did and it doesn’t sound too pretty.

Nicole Kidman isn’t pregnant – Ending months of on and off speculation, Nicole wore a tight fitting dress showing off her non-pregnant body. At the same time, her face still creeps me out.

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