Tom Cruise is overbearing

Stanley Kubrick’s friend, R Lee Emery is claiming Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman ruined Eyes Wide Shut and the movie was a “piece of s**t”. Emery says,

“Stanley called me about two weeks before he died, as a matter of fact. We had a long conversation about Eyes Wide Shut. He told me it was a piece of s**t and that he was disgusted with it and that the critics were going to have him for lunch.”

Stanley was right. Eyes Wide Shut was a piece of s**t. I’m satisfied in knowing that it wasn’t completely his fault, but the fault of the war lord, Tom Cruise. That’s why I don’t work with these Hollywood hotshots. They think they know it all, but do they know emotion? Do they know how to tug at America’s heart strings? Only a great artist like myself can achieve that feat. No, Tom, I don’t think putting an anal rape scene would be a good idea, OK?! Why do you keep asking me?

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16 years ago

These guys are just so newsworthy.