Clint Eastwood hates Paris Hilton

When I first read the title, “Clint Eastwood blasts Paris Hilton”, I felt kind of dirty. Then I realized I have a one track mind after finding out it’s about Clint Eastwood’s contempt for people like Paris Hilton. Coincidentally, I have just added Clint to the list of people I respect the most. He’s right after Big Bird. Dirty Harry says,

“When I was young, movie stars who were celebrities were just a handful. Now everybody is a star so you have to make superstars. Stars are just heiresses, like Paris Hilton.”

He has the heiress part right. The old man forgot to mention that one might also need to possess loose morals. By loose morals I mean ravenous cock monger, but we can go with Clint on this one since I don’t want to seem nitpicky.

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