Denise Richards injures an old lady via laptop

Denise Richards

On Wednesday, Denise Richards was fighting on the set of her new movie Blonde and Blonder with two photographers when she took their laptops and threw them off the balcony. A laptop ended up hitting the arm of an 80-year-old woman in a wheelchair who is not interested in pursuing criminal charges.

“Based on the actions of the paparazzi, they are lucky their laptops are the only things that were tossed over the balcony,” a rep for Richards told PEOPLE.

Well, then I guess the old lady was pretty damn lucky to have avoided another barrage of inanimate objects. I guess that’s what the heartless rep for Denise Richards is trying to say. I mean really, Denise could have thrown scissors and books over the balcony. That whiny handicapped old lady should be thanking Denise for her restraint.

Here’s Denise and Pamela on the set of Blonde and Blonder.

Denise RichardsDenise RichardsDenise RichardsDenise Richards

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