Michelle Williams shut down her own fan site

Michelle Williams

Proving how much of a stone cold bitch she really is, Michelle Williams has shut down her own fan sites by sicking lawyers on them.

The Michelle fan-site Monopoly is now over. The Williams Center–the longest running Michelle Williams fan-site on the net, with the most respect for her is now closed. We met a lot of nice people–and we are thankful to everyone for their help over the years. When the site was created, we were all 7 years younger. It’s time we move on.

The only reason people have come up with is Michelle didn’t think she looked good in the posted pictures. It makes sense now that I think back and remember how she made a fuss over some magazine cover. How much of an ass do you have to be to take down a site dedicated to you swarming with all your fans? This idiot should be thankful she has any at all because I can’t stand her. The only memorable role she’s had was in Brokeback Mountain and the only reason I even know her name is because she’s Heath Ledger’s girlfriend. I hope she gets confused with the chick from Destiny’s Child. Or confused with a baby seal and gets clubbed.

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