Simpsons does some clever editing?

Last week a pre-air episode of The Simpsons’ Treehouse of Horror leaked. The real one aired Sunday without the watermark, but contained another slight difference. It was missing the Iraq line at the end. Now one side has concocted a conspiracy theory of Fox taking out the line. The other side seems to think the producers took it out because it was repetitive. My theory? The Simpsons is not as funny as it used to be so they can take out whatever they want. I guess that’s not really a theory, but whatever smarty pants.

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Wonkey The Monkey
Wonkey The Monkey
16 years ago

Gee… if it weren’t for that final comment, I NEVER would have made the connection between the aliens’ conversation and the current war in Iraq. Removing that line sure takes away the teeth of this satire.