The Simpsons trailer is here

The official trailer for The Simpsons movie premiered last night. To say it was disappointing is an understatement. You know when Homer is slammed between a rock and a building named “A Hard Place?” Genius. Why don’t you insult your audience some more by handing out pamphlets detailing every reference in the movie and title it with “Read this if you are a complete moron.” And last night’s episode was another let down. No substance or anything memorable. All I remember was Homer joined the Army.

  • Personally the teaser trailer was a lot better.

  • Jorge

    Sorry it did not live up to your standards. I’m still going to see it.

  • Don’t get me wrong, I am for sure going to watch this movie. They just need a more descriptive trailer and I’m hoping it won’t be just 4 combined episodes rolled into a movie.

  • Dennis

    I’m actually glad the trailer didn’t say anything about the movie. If it did, we’d have nothing bud endless chatter that tried to figure out the plot from a 30 (60?) second trailer followed by disappointment that the movie was nothing like our vision and how much better our vision was.

  • There was actually a longer raw uncut footage they showed at Comicon up on Youtube a while ago with the towns people forming a mob and going to the Simpsons house.

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