Nic Cage is taking a break

Nicholas Cage has decided to take a semi-retirement on acting. He wants to take more time off in between movies to pursue other interests outside of Hollywood. I can only imagine what they could be.

I feel I’ve made a lot of movies already and I want to start exploring other opportunities that I can apply myself to, whether it’s writing or other interests that I may develop.

Despite that bit of news, his horrible looking Ghost Rider comes out in February followed by National Treasure 2 next Christmas. Ignore what you hear. This guy doesn’t have any other interests. He named his son Kal-el for christ’s sake. The article says he bought a 40 acre island in the Bahamas so I assume he’s going to build a hut there and read his entire collection of comic books over and over again. When his relatives finally find this place they’ll see him dressed in spandex trying to blow up coconuts with his mind and running off a cliff in an attempt to fly. His wife will be in the hut sobbing into her hands.

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