Angelina Jolie isn’t a saint either

Angelina Jolie told French magazine Gala that she would never take a child away from a country where adoption is illegal. However, parents who have had difficulties adopting from countries like Cambodia are shocked by these comments. Jolie failed to mention that she acquired Maddox through a group whose directors went to prison for visa fraud and money laundering related to Cambodian adoptions. As a result, Cambodia has closed its doors to adoption.

“Angelina is not a hero in the adoption community,” Tatiana Beams, a Seattle-based international adoption advocate, told Page Six. Beams said parents and other adoption agents are disappointed Jolie “does nothing, or at least very little, to keep international adoption open and legal for American families and children.”

Jolie = bad? That equation doesn’t work. It’s against nature or something. It would be like giving birth to someone as sexy as me. For I did not come from any womb, I was born from a great ball of light sent to Earth by a higher power. I am here to save the human race by being devilishly handsome and mating with all the sexy females one by one. Don’t ask me how it works, I just follow orders.

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