Brandy can’t drive, kills someone


On the morning of December 30, 2006, Brandy was driving her Land Rover on the 405 in LA and failed to brake for traffic. She ended up rear-ending an ’05 Toyota which in turn hit an ’89 Toyota. The ’05 Toyota then slid sideways into the center divider and ended up being hit by an ’88 Acura. The driver of Toyota was rushed to the hospital in critical condition where she died the next day. Brandy did not suffer any injuries and there was no evidence of DUI.

There’s no explanation why she didn’t just put her foot on the brake pedal. Maybe she was just rocking out to the sound of her own voice on the radio and didn’t notice. Maybe when the police and ambulance arrived she was still buckled in with eyes shut tight lip-syncing to the radio and weaving her head around doing her best impersonation of Little Richard. God, it’s the 405. Your foot should always be on the brakes.

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