Brandy Performed to an Empty Staudium

Brandy used to be super famous and on top of the world but that was years ago. These days she’s performing in front of 89,960 empty seats in Johannesburg, South Africa.

According to The Guardian, Brandy was a surprise guest at the Nelson Mandela Sport and Culture Day last Saturday and was slated to close out the events. Apparently, her performance was too much of a surprise because no one knew she was coming and left after the games ended. She ended up playing to about 40 people. That was probably every musician’s nightmare come to life. It’s like a normal person’s standing in front of class in their underwear.

Meanwhile, a concertgoer tweeted,

Brandy eventually sulked off stage after a couple songs while a sad trombone played in the background.

There hasn’t been any comment from Brandy or the concert promoters but that’s probably because they’re both committing seppuku right now.

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10 years ago

thats just her actual fan base