Jared Leto is a tough guy

Jared Leto was being an ass at Sundance on Saturday. He reportedly tried to pick fights with photographers and clubgoers in Tao at Harry O’s.

When a photographer from WireImage attempted to snap Leto’s picture, the eyeliner- clad cad shouted, “No! No more, bro!” Leto walked out – but not before a “big guy” yanked at his long tresses. Leto “whipped off his hat with earflaps on and stepped up to the guy,” said a spy. “They were yelling at each other.” But no punches were thrown. And though Leto left, he came back a couple hours later to look for the guy.

The only reason Leto didn’t throw down was because he didn’t want to mess up his pretty boy face. It probably took him an hour to get his mascara just right. Either that or he’s just a big pussy. It’s just as well because if anyone filmed Leto slap fighting with another guy his hardcore image would be ruined. Then he’d have to go all emo and cut his wrists or something. We wouldn’t want that to happen now would we? Oh wait, I forgot you can’t see me winking.

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16 years ago

he’s not emo. hes hot. and he could kick anyones ass. so shut the hell up. he has a better life than you.