Marilyn Manson is already finding a replacement

Evan Rachel Wood

Only two weeks after Dita Von Teese left him, Marilyn Manson may already be finding a replacement. Marilyn is said to be developing a close friendship with 19-year-old Evan Rachel Wood.

On the night von Teese left Manson, he had a listening party at a house in Beverly Hills. Wood was by his side there and a source told Us Weekly, “They were like an old married couple. She was always right next to him and so attentive.” After opening some gifts (which included a live scorpion), Manson led Wood and pals into a room to listen to songs from his next album. “Evan was really into it,” says the source.

Manson is described as such a hard partier that he’s always drunk and didn’t even know Von Teese moved out of their home. Even Lindsay Lohan was calling him all night wanting to party. Not only that, but he’s good friends with Angelina Jolie.

What? How is this guy such a ladies man? The only reason I can think of is his extensive makeup collection. He probably has special stuff made from animals like a white gorilla or an albatross. Sure at first the ladies oooh and ahh, but it gets a little awkward when you tell them the lip balm they just put on was made from the piss of the biggest rat known to man.

For your reference, here’s Evan Rachel Wood

Evan Rachel WoodEvan Rachel WoodEvan Rachel Wood

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14 years ago

What would her parents think? She’s hardly older than THIRTEEN (the movie she starred in). Sick.

14 years ago

Is anyone shocked that Manson is a “hard partier”???

14 years ago

Ummm, no. But I am shocked at the contrast between these two women. From dita to this… Wow.

13 years ago

manson-stay away from strippers!!!what the heck’s the matter with you???you deserve so much better than that.they throw men away like they throw their clothes off.they think men are suckers and’re definitely no sucker or fool.strippers put on acts,and they treat real life the same way.they’re all the same:they only want men to use for money and whatever they can get from them.the only thing they give to men is something that the men have to go to the doctors do know what i mean.

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