Pete Wentz got into a fight, kind of

Pete Wentz from Fallout Boy tussled with a security guard at his concert. The band invited fans to come on stage and “dance”, but once the stage started reaching capacity security stopped letting people in. That’s when the trusty roadie started sneaking people in until another guard shoved him and they got into what some believe is a fight. I guess if you call pawing each other a fight, then yea, hardcore man.

Pete Wentz decided to jump in and dish out his own brand of justice. You know the kind you give while 2-3 other security guards restrain the guy you’re trying to fight. Later he would dash back on stage and announce to his people, “That’s what you get when you fuck with my friends you fucking asshole.” Pete, you are so emo it even makes me cry. Did I say emo? I meant a pansy. Um, nevermind. Same thing. Oh and notice when the guy gets taken away Pete is nowhere near him.

Everything happens in the middle of the video. I suggest you start it there and stop it after the fight unless you want to hear a girl continuously scream for no reason.

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pete way to go i got mad respect for you!


Dude, he was fighting the security gaurds you dumba**. Takes stones to go up against 3 big guys when your skinny like Pete. Get the facts straight a**hole.


dude who the fuck cares fall out boy is the worst fucking band ever and this guy is a fucking bitch ive seen people at leftover crack concerts fight 5 6 7 security guards at once. Emo is shit and this band is the king of shit.

stace n bill

u all mental i wud love 2 c u go n fite 3 huge bouncers UR the “pansey”


That’s so ghetto! I would LOVE 4 u 2 fight 3 bouncers 4 me!

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