Charlie Sheen could be embarrassed

Heidi Fleiss and drag queen Kayla Coxx are peddling a telling video about Charlie Sheen. Sheen doesn’t make an appearance on the tape, but there’s enough hinting that it doesn’t even matter. In response, Sheen has denied being into she-males claiming Coxx’s stories are embellished or at most untrue.

Among the “very incriminating things” it shows, the cross-dressing porn star tells us, “is me riding around in [Charlie’s] limo,” proclaiming herself “Kayla Coxx, trannie-at-large.” Fleiss, who used to count Sheen as one of her johns, tells us the tape also shows Coxx posing next to a limited-edition BMW in front of a mansion – both of which supposedly belong to Sheen.

They also say how the Two and a Half Men star got off on watching men hit on Kayla when she went down to the beach. See what happens when you piss off Heidi Fleiss and she-male hookers? This is exactly why I don’t trust those ads in the back of the magazine. Just a word of advice. Always check for man hands and an adam’s apple. You don’t want to learn that lesson on your own.

That’s an old picture of Sheen with Denise Richards. I was too lazy to find a recent one. Lazy? Yes. Smart? Definitely.

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