Ryan Seacrest is gay right?

I didn’t watch the Oscar red carpet thing. I was busy figuring out which wigs would look good on Britney Spears. People, however, have a list of weirdest moments on the red carpet. This included Joan Rivers asking Maggie Gyllenhaal how many pigeons died for her dress and Ryan Seacrest’s interesting “joke”.

While talking to a Vera Wang-clad Rachel Weisz, Seacrest notes that the designer is popular on this red carpet, musing, “There’s a lot of Wang here tonight.”

They fail to mention how Ryan raised his eyebrows and seductively licked his lips after he said “Wang.” I have it on good authority this dude is like Pavlov’s dog. Say wang, wiener, penis, dick or any variation thereof in earshot of Ryan and he’ll start slobbering like someone just paralyzed his mouth with Botox.

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14 years ago

yep, he’s gay.

14 years ago

Yeah, I don’t see why you guys think everyoine in american idol is gayy, or a fagg. Honestlyy.

mike rotch
mike rotch
13 years ago

this guy, ryan seacrest, is obviously a fucking h**o. I bet when he gets off stage of his queer show, he cant wait to get a hard dick shoved in his ass, mouth, ears, and eyes. he is such a cum-guzzling flamer that he once sucked off a horse to get himself off. what a f*g!

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