Angelina’s new baby is coming fast

Angelina Jolie’s adoption application is being processed quickly so it may only be a matter of weeks before she receives her new 3-year-old son. The orphanage director says the child was abandoned at Ho Chi Minh City hospital before being taken to the orphanage. Attempts to find the parents were unsuccessful.

“He is in good health,” Trung said, adding that he gets along with the other children and likes playing soccer. “He is a little bit shy.”

Eventually, Angelina will end up walking down the street surrounded by a horde of multicultural children. If it were me, I’d make them carry me on one of those wooden chairs. Then I’d do the model wave and scoff at the peons who don’t have tiny helpers like I do. You mean your children don’t carry you on their backs? Heathens.

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