How’d I miss this?

Winona Ryder

Winona Ryder may have wandered out of the spotlight and almost into jail a few years back, but she looks great now and by great I mean her breasts could pass for those of a 24-year-old. Her secret to such youthful buoyancy probably involves drinking the blood of virgins and sacrificing babies up top a large Aztec pyramid or just a really kick-ass bra/breast combination. My guess is the last one since the only thing I’ve gotten out of the first two is a smelly basement.

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She’s always been pretty. Too bad she got so screwed up.

KING Vernon

It’s the people, she had alot of people working on those things. Too bad they forgot about that whole vehicle thing. Is she shooting a movie?


She got all that bad press for shoplifting — what was the vehicle thing? And yes, she’s been pretty, ever since she played Joe in Little Women! I love winona!

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