Winona Ryder So Old ‘Stranger Things’ Had Her Fact Check 1980s References

Winona Ryder is the Stranger Things resident historian of all things 1980s. In a Harper’s Bazaar article, co-star David Harbour, Jim Hopper on the show, complimented Ryder on “how wild her mind is” and its ability to go to “all these different corners.”

As an example, he recalled how Ryder could correct creators Matt and Ross Duffer whenever they’d get a reference from the 1980s wrong.

In other words, Ryder was their little 1980s Wikipedia. Why Google when you have Ryder who lived through it?

Harbour said if the Duffer brothers made a mistake in the script like saying a song came out in 1985, Ryder could correct them and say it was 1983.

She knew all of these minute, tiny details they didn’t even know, and they had to change things in the script based on that.

When you’re compared to a librarian, you’re old. Ryder was around when cassette players were still used. That’s old. She’s so old she was in the original Little Women movie from 1994.

She still looks 20 years younger than she is though. And surgery free.

Ryder must like the pace of Stranger Things and isn’t looking to overwork herself. She’s only got Gone in the Night on July 15, 2022 as an upcoming project. Nothing else. The movie stars Ryder as Kath who drives out into the woods with her husband. They discover a young couple already there. He runs off with the woman. Kath spends the rest of the movie finding out what happened to him. My guess is he was bored with the marriage.

Meanwhile, creators Matt and Ross Duffer have a new Masterclass out now. They’ll teach you how to create and put together your own pilot. They should call it “How to Use Nostalgia as a Hook.”

We need more gossip from Winona Ryder. These celebs know a lot. The best is when Ryder recalled how she met Mel Gibson at a party and how horrible he is.

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