Jake Gyllenhaal is a little girl

Maggie Gyllenhaal recently gave birth to daughter Ramona. Her brother, Jake Gyllenhaal, wanted to prove he was a good uncle by changing his niece’s diaper. He ended up traumatized. Jake explains,

“I’m an uncle. It’s great. It’s amazing – except for the diaper changing, which I did once and will never go back to again until it is my own child. I wanted to try it out. I wanted to see what it was like. So she handed me my niece and I put her down on the changing table and I un-knotted her organic diaper. I really never knew, and I am naive, of course, but I never knew that it was orange. I have a very short gag reflex. So when I saw it (I started gagging). I (was gagging) and handed her back!”

I usually throw soiled babies in the washing machine. Sure they come out all dizzy and the washing machine is a little dirty, but it’s totally safe because the little tag on them says machine washable. Wait, am I thinking about babies or kittens? Eh, whatever.

By the way, I’m impressed by how effortlessly he lets everyone know the Gyllenhaals are environment friendly with the organic diapers.

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16 years ago

Jake, you want your own child? I’m ready!