Kirsten Dunst to play Debbie Harry

I think David La Chapelle is the perfect photographer for Kirsten Dunst. He’s weird, she’s not human. A perfect match. She could even pass for normal here. I guess the trick is to hide her face under 5lbs of makeup and keep her mouth shut. Now if only Hollywood can figure that out. Too bad they didn’t because she is poised to play Debbie Harry of Blondie.

“Yeah. I met with Debbie in Miami, and we both hit it off. We’re both Jersey girls, and she wants me to play her. It’s like the most amazing thing! I will work so hard, because she is the coolest woman of all time!”

Kirsten goes on to say sex scenes don’t faze her so don’t expect that uneasy feeling to suddenly disappear when you step into one of her movies.

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