Sylvester Stallone charged over growth hormones

Sylvester Stallone

Sylvester Stallone has been charged with bringing 48 vials of the banned muscle building hormone Jintropin into Australia. Customs searched his bags and confiscated five boxes worth when he arrived at Sydney airport to promote Rocky. Three days later, his hotel was also searched and more items were confiscated. Jintropin is not approved by the US FDA.

The key ingredient in the drugs was somatropin, advertised on the Internet as enhancing sexual performance, reducing body fat, removing wrinkles, boosting muscle mass and for the “re-generation of major organs that shrink with age.”

Stallone insisted the drugs were not dangerous and was something he “has taken for years.” Human growth hormone is considered a performance enhancing drug in Australia and cannot be imported without a permit. Stallone faces an $86,000 fine, but since the case will be heard in local courts, it may be reduced to $22,000.

C’mon guys. Sly brought us Rocky, Rocky Balboa, Rambo, Assassins, Driven, Judge Dredd….Umm, I forgot. Was I supporting Sly or telling Australia that caning would be a good alternative?

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