Sylvester Stallone Under Investigation for Sexual Misconduct

Sylvester Stallone, the star of Rocky and The Party at Kitty and Stud’s, is under investigation by the Los Angeles sex crimes task force for an incident that occurred 27 years ago, according to NBC News. Regardless of what the investigation turns up, it seems unlikely Stallone will face any criminal charges as the statute of limitations has long since passed.

A sex crime allegation involving Sylvester Stallone dating back to the 1990s is being reviewed by the Los Angeles County prosecutors’ sex crimes task force, authorities said Wednesday.

They gave no details about the case, which was forwarded by Santa Monica police, and would not comment on whether it would be disqualified for filing because the statute of limitations has passed. They also provided no timetable for the review.

Stallone through his lawyer has publicly denied committing any sex crime after previous media reports.

We reported on this incident when it first came to light late last year; this is just confirmation that the incident is being reported on.

Because of the statute of limitations, Stallone won’t face the same sort of harsh treatment Harvey Weinstein has been facing since being arrested. Imagine having to wear an ankle bracelet and only being allowed to go anywhere you want in New York and Vermont. Just spending your days in a huge mansion eating caviar and steak and lobster, not being allowed to cut important subplots from foreign films for no real reason other than insisting you know movies better than anyone else. Truly this is the very definition of cruel and unusual.

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