Someone Says Sylvester Stallone Was Out There Raping People

A woman accusing Sylvester Stallone of rape has filed a police report, according to TMZ, who spoke to sources within the police department. The alleged incident happened in 1990, which is well past the 10 year statute of limitations in California, so regardless of the results of the investigation, Stallone won’t be going to jail.

It’s also safe to say that Stallone’s career as a serious, respected actor won’t be affected either, because that ship sailed long before any reports of sexual misconduct surfaced.

Stallone vehemently denies the allegations, and TMZ also reported that Stallone will file a complaint against the woman, asking that she be investigated for filing a false police report.

Stallone’s attorney, Marty Singer, tells us he believes the woman recently filed a false police report with Santa Monica PD. Singer says this all started more than a month ago when a media outlet, not TMZ, informed him the woman was alleging Stallone raped her in 1990 in his Santa Monica office.

Stallone denies the allegation. He admits he had spent 3 days with her during a 1987 movie shoot in Israel. He was single, she was not a minor and he says there was never a rape. He also denies he saw her at all in 1990.

It appears this woman had been talking to media outlets who refused to report her claim based on the lack of any supporting evidence, so she filed the police report in order to find some. Which seems unlikely to happen since the alleged incident was 27 years ago.

This woman isn’t the first to accuse Stallone of sexual misconduct. It’s the second. We previously reported that Stallone had a consensual sexual encounter with an actress in the film Over the Top, during the course of which he instructed his bodyguard to rape her. Stallone denies that allegation as well and his bodyguard was unavailable for comment because he died five years ago, which seems like a fairly extreme way to get out of answering questions.

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