Vida Guerra does King

Usually I’m passed out on the weekends and don’t post anything which is why I did this on the weekday. I figure I should at least give something to the awesome people who visit when I’m in my nice comfy bed with whatever supermodel I happen to take home on Friday/Saturday. I hope to make this a semi-regular thing. Hey, you may even see some news.

Anyway, if you aren’t blind, you can see this is Vida Guerra in King Magazine. I don’t know why this chick is still around. I thought she was a fad like pogs or something, but apparently people still want her. A fun fact I came across during my research was that this girl is busted in real life. I can neither confirm nor deny this so if anyone knows for real, let me know because I make it my mission to remember useless facts about people who shouldn’t be famous.

Vida also has an ongoing battle with rapper The Game. Attempting to fire back at him, she rapped. Sad, very sad.

Vida brought her backside to “Tha Goodfellas Radio Show” on L.A.’s 93.5 KDAY and attempted to blast back at The Game, who had earlier called her a “music video ho,” among other graphic insults, in his hit song “Wouldn’t Get Far.”

Unfortunately for MC Vida, she decided to exact her revenge in rap form. In a Federline-esque monotone, she blasts, “Wednesday is male strip night so I don’t hear from Game” and “Don’t know why you’re texting me ’cause women ain’t your preference.”

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