Alec Baldwin apologizes, kind of

On an episode of “The View” airing tomorrow, Rosie O’Donnell and Barbara Walters interviewed Alec Baldwin about the horrible voicemail he left on his daughter’s phone. Alec is so distraught, he has asked NBC to be let out early from his contract with the just renewed “30 Rock”. NBC denied his request and he will fulfill his duties for next season. Baldwin’s rep says,

“Baldwin said that when he left an angry voice mail for Ireland calling her “a rude, thoughtless little pig,” he was inappropriately directing feelings that should have been expressed to Kim. He had never done this before. He also talked [in the interview] about the time he spent two weeks with Ireland [but] without Kim in L.A. As soon as Kim returned, his daughter stopped picking up the phone.”

Ireland and well-adjusted may never be used in the same sentence again. She’ll be like an abused dog. Whenever someone bangs pots together or makes any loud noise, she’ll scamper away like a rabbit. Or maybe more like a gazelle since she’s already 6ft. tall. I have no idea why I associate tall people with gazelles. Probably because they’re graceful like me. I make falling into a ravine look like an art form.

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17 years ago

This is a fascinating post.

17 years ago

First he does something wrong and then defends it….whats the point ?

tough love
17 years ago

nothing wrong with tough love we as parents have said things to our children that we shouldnt but i think when you are takeing care of your child need,s they should respect us parents i am sure he is sorry as well after all that is his child and you dont see him on maury asking him for his help because oh my child is out of control no because he takes control. from sherry daniels in columbus ohio