Jason who?

Jason Wahler of “The Hills” was arrested over the weekend for punching a security guard and passing out in a hallway at the Marriott hotel. When a police officer woke him up he called them a “n****r” and a “f****t”.

Two police officers found him passed out on the third floor, reeking of alcohol, and woke him up. Wahler then “repeatedly” called Officer C. DePina, who is not black, a “n—–” and a “f—–,” DePina wrote in the report. “Wahler stated he was rich and would have my ass. Wahler made vague threats to assault officers.”

Wahler was already set to serve 60 days in jail starting in May for punching a city worker. This guy is a real winner. But, the question on everybody’s mind is why any news outlet would pick this story up. He’s just another privileged reality show douche bag. Such a slow news day.

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