Romo wants a break from Underwood

Carrie Underwood and Tony Romo recently celebrated their birthdays by flying to each other’s hometowns. According to the National Enquirer, Tony now wants to take a break from their relationship during football season (September – January) which didn’t go over too well. Says a source,

“Carrie thought that they were moving closer to a more committed relationship.” Romo asked Underwood to give him space for his career once before, and she did, but this time, the request has hit a sour note with her, says the source, who adds, “Carrie wants a firm commitment from Tony.”

What’s with women and committed relationships? They say the same thing to me thinking this wild stallion can be tamed. Impossible. Try to ride me and I will buck you off so hard you’ll break your spine and paralyze yourself. Once in a while, feed me carrots and oats and I’ll consider letting you pet me. But within, there is a constant desire to be free. What I’m trying to say is, I’m hung like a horse. Literally. Which makes it hard to have sex because I have to stand 4 ft. away.

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