John Cusack thinks Hilary Duff is talented

In a recent interview with MTV to promote his new movie 1408, John Cusack touches on other topics ranging from Zack Snyder’s The Watchmen to Hilary Duff. Although not yet being considered for a role in the much anticipated movie, Cusack expressed his love for the comic and threw his hat into the ring. The topic quickly shifted to Hilary Duff because there is nothing people want more in the world than to hear Cusack praise a girl as bland as the cereal I’m dumping onto my neighbor’s balcony right now.

MTV: Is it true you requested [Hilary Duff for “War, Inc.”]?

Cusack: Yep. Well, the part was … she played a pop idol from central Asia. So, she was like a Hilary – but not Hilary, because Hilary is so classy – but like a real, and I won’t name names, but a real slutty pop star. … Hilary is the opposite of that, of course. I think for her to play that, or to parody that, was really great.

MTV: What’s the biggest misconception [of her]?

Cusack: I think probably people wouldn’t know how talented she is. I mean, she’s a great actress. I just spent the entire fall with her and she was a revelation every day. I don’t think people know that yet, but they’re gonna.

Hilary is classy and talented? That must mean I’m on the apex of both. The Red Lobster bib I wear to restaurants is about as classy as it gets and I have more talent in my fists than Hilary Duff has in her whole body. These lethal weapons can KO a bear and can almost stop a hungry Rosie O’Donnell from getting at the Snickers bar in my pants. Don’t get me wrong. Hilary’s pretty talented for a horse. She makes Mr. Ed look like a common street mime, but compared to a human? No way.

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