Angelina Jolie is wasting away

Life&Style is claiming Angelina Jolie is wasting away. Brad Pitt and Angelina went to visit his parents who were shocked at how thin Angelina was. At dinner, the actress supposedly only ate a handful of grapes and a small slice of watermelon. An “insider” says the 5’8” Angelina is down to 95 lbs. and suffers from headaches and dizzy spells.

“She’s wasting away, and Brad doesn’t know what to do,” says the second insider. “He’s worried sick about her, but she refuses to eat.”

Brad’s going to continue to do what he’s always been doing. Thank whoever is up there for making him leave that whiny bitch Jennifer Aniston. I’d rather listen to a hundred puppies being slaughtered for fur than listen to Jennifer Aniston complain. Angelina isn’t much better, but at least I’d get to have sex with her while she’s yammering on about “genocide.” Geno-what? Listen sweetie, if you want to keep those bugs out of your garden so badly, I’ll run to Home Depot and get you a bottle of that stuff if you’ll just be quiet for the next 10 minutes. Mmm… nevermind. Make that 30 seconds.

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so what
so what
16 years ago

I think AJ is a hipocrite, what kind of role model is she for her children..the worse thing that Brad did was to leave Jennifer, Im sure the thought has run thru his addled brain a time or two…At least Jen looks healthy..not suffering from anorexia, or hooked on cocain…

16 years ago

Drugs are bad, Angelina

16 years ago

So she had a hard time because her mum died, I totally understand.
But she could make an effort for her children, if not for herself, and firstly admit that she is anorexic and secondly do something about it.

Maybe she likes that waif-like, fragile look. She’s allways craved attention and got it by acting crazily.

Brad is just weak, you only have to look at his relationships and you’ll notice how he always adapted to the women he was with in a way that was completely over the top.