Owen Wilson was distraught

A failed suicide attempt left Owen Wilson “bloodied and dazed”. The affable actor tried to kill himself by taking pills and slitting his wrist after an argument with a close friend. According to Page Six,

One neighbor said that when she heard the ambulance, she was surprised because Wilson never causes any trouble.

“All the neighbors like him, he’s a friendly guy. He never has any crazy parties or does anything wrong,” Betty Miller said.

But Wilson, 38 – who always appeared to be a happy slacker type – has a dark history of depression.

“It’s very upsetting. People are complicated. It’s not just one thing,” said a friend of the actor.

It’s tough being an actor. I wanted to be one when I grew up, but being paid $20 million a year and having beautiful women come up to you only for sex wasn’t the life for me. Instead, I became a garbageman. I smell like rotting fruit 24/7 and no woman will touch me, but no slit wrists yet! Just a lot of crying.

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16 years ago

famous, good looking people get depressed? wow, they really ARE just like you and me.