Amy Winehouse is a great performer

Amy Winehouse won the award for best female at the MOBOs. When Amy went to accept her trophy she spit before saying thank you. Later on, she performed Tears Dry On Their Own forgetting most of the lyrics.

During the performance Amy twitched, pulled at her black-and-white dress and gripped the mic stand as she swayed precariously.

Things weren’t so rosy backstage either.

“In her dressing room she was really on edge, then flipped. She was screaming and chucking anything she could get her hands on at the people around her. She wasn’t in a good way.”

She also wanted a liquor store imported into her dressing room.

On the “essential” list handed to the O2 Arena were one large bottle of vodka, two bottles of Jack Daniels and two more bottles of Veuve Cliquot, not to mention two bottles of red Rioja wine and 48 of Heineken beer.

England has Amy Winehouse. America has Britney Spears. Africa has kids with AK-47s. Australia has huge spiders. China has censorship. Russia has poverty. Japan has tentacle porn and kick-ass gadgets. I don’t know about you, but I know where I’m moving to.

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