Kanye West is fragile

Kanye West was disappointed yet again after not winning one award at the VMAs. In the hallway waiting for the elevator, West vowed never to return to MTV saying,

“That’s two years in a row, man … give a black man a chance,” West said, stomping around his entourage and directing his comments at a reporter. “I’m trying hard man, I have the … number one record, man.”

He did something similar at MTV Europe. The guy needs to calm down. Throwing temper tantrums isn’t going to win him any awards. Unless there’s an award for being a whiny bitch. In which case, bang the drums because Kanye has won by a landslide. They ought to have a guy standing by his side at these things so they can give Kanye his baby bottle every time reality kicks his ego in the nuts.

Update: Now with video.

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16 years ago

funny…remember back when musicians made music because it was what they loved doing and they didn’t give a rat’s ass about awards? this guy must be a real sissy. i wonder if he makes an album thinking, “i hope i win an award this year”. it also sounds like he’s on the verge of accusing the VMAs for not giving awards to black men…nice.

lee mitchell
16 years ago

Milliardo, haven’t you heard already? Kan-artist is a pompous publicity whore. Don’t worry about him. As long as his head keeps inflating, he’ll eventually explode.

16 years ago

What a psycho! Here he has a number one record and he is worried about some pitiful mtv award. ha! What a goofball. I think I would just be happy with the millions and laugh at awards but I guess his priority is little trophies. ha!