Kanye West Declares Pete Davidson Dead at 28

I’m imagining Kanye West cackling while posting his latest Instagram. He shared a fake New York Times headline reading “Skete Davidson Dead At Age 28”. Skete’s the nickname he’s bequeathed so kindly to Pete Davidson.

West later took the post down because ex-wife Kim Kardashian complained.

As you know, Davidson and Kim Kardashian broke up this week, or as we like to say here, ended their contract. No doubt Kanye excitedly clapped his hands like a baby when he heard the news. That guy can’t get Kim and Pete out of his head, he’s so bugged by it.

For sure he’s fantasized about Pete’s death. He even made a music video “Eazy” where he sends claymation figures of  The Game and Eazy-E to kidnap Davidson. In the video, Pete’s smoking a cigarette when suddenly a hood is thrown over his head and he gets kidnapped.

The lyrics were “God saved me from that crash, just so I can beat Pete Davidson’s ass.” You’d probably be obsessed if your ex-wife’s new boyfriend was texting you photos from her bed.

Kardashian meanwhile is upset with Kanye because, well, he’s Kanye. A source told E! News “not only is she sad from the breakup, but this on top of it has tested her mentally.”

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