Kim Kardashian Turned the DMV Into a Runway

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In a move that could only be pulled off by Kim Kardashian, the reality star turned a mundane trip to the DMV into a full-blown beauty session. In the latest episode of Hulu’s The Kardashians, Kim arrived at a California DMV in her $450 Balenciaga pedicure flip-flops, a sleeveless black mock-neck top, and an oversized varsity jacket. She was accompanied by her hairdresser, Chris Appleton, and makeup artist, Ariel Tejada, who were armed with a bag full of styling tools.

Kim, who had the entire DMV to herself, thanked the staff for staying open just for her photo. Appleton and Tejada worked their magic on Kim, with Appleton using a crimper to create beach waves and Tejada perfecting her makeup.

Kim, sitting in a plastic chair, flipped through her phone during the process, declaring that the driver’s license photo is “the most important photo you’ll ever take in your life.” Only in California can you turn a DMV into a photoshoot.

The glam session also included a height debate, with Kim insisting she’s at least half an inch taller than the 5-foot-3 stated on her license paperwork.

As she prepared for the shot, her glam squad surrounded her, with Tejada holding up a light and Appleton fine-tuning her hair. Kim admitted that bringing a light and a glam team to the DMV was “definitely crazy,” but she didn’t care. Because when you released a sex tape to get famous, what’s there to care about?

The DMV photographer managed to get the shot in only two tries, earning praise from Appleton.

Kim, not missing a chance to throw shade at her sister Kourtney amid their ongoing feud, quipped, “First is the worst, second is the best. That’s why I’m the second child.”

So, in the world of Kim Kardashian, even a trip to the DMV can turn into a glam session and a family roast.

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