Ellen’s dog story, now with 67% more crazy

Ellen DeGeneres urged viewers to stop sending death threats to Mutts & Mom’s because it’s not their fault they’re heartless bastards. TMZ obtained video showing Marina Baktis from Mutts & Moms taking Iggy away from the family it already spent two weeks with. Marina managed to grab the dog by saying she was coming over for a house check after the family filled out an online application. The police were eventually called and verified from the dog’s microchip that the adoption agency was the owner. Evidently, the dog’s microchip hadn’t been changed to Ellen’s name.

Only five days until Iggy is accidentally run over and this problem is resolved. See, this time I remembered to type out “accidentally” so it will seem, um, accidental and not premeditated as this blueprint would lead you to believe.

  • I highly disapprove of Mutts and Moms, Marina Batkis and Vanessa Chekroun’s actions. They acted on impulse with vengeance on the goodhearted-ness and best interest between a celebrity and deserving children; not with empathy or forethought. In researching the web, PETA, Humane Society, BBB, and SPCA historical information, these owners have not proven themselves respectful or caring. In fact they show spite, more than anything. Reviewing everything to date re. Marina. She still doesn’t show any emotion for the human bond between animal and a well deserving family. A reasonable human would not act on impulse driven by a bogus contract but allowed time for review and reasses the situation. A responsible business owner would have responded by now to the media, attorneys, and press with a RESOLUTION and not hiding and REACTING with negativity. When one appears as a villain one would naturally want to disarm the situation; not in this case. Nothing on the news has touched me in such a way that i would be actually reaching out and being an activist.
    This is Marina’s quote: “Celebrities you know, they, they get preferential treatment. They have lots of money. They go into a restaurant they get a table.”
    Look close at her glasses >. I try not to be judgemental but something doesn’t seem right.

  • dale

    Ellen was in the wrong, plain and simple. I’m glad they took the dog away and hopefully it lands with truly responsible family.

  • chewy

    She’s got a history of giving up animals after adoption. She donates millions of dollars to animal organizations, but she doesn’t take care of the ones she adopts. Another hypocrite celebrity.

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