Amy Winehouse’s bee-hive is useful

The Sun is back. This time with more of the same from Amy Winehouse. Today, they have footage of Amy fondling her bee-hive for an inordinate amount of time before pulling something out and snorting it. The Sun says,

The footage was filmed by an audience member at one of her shows and is currently being sent around the world over email. Do you reckon it could have been a decongestant inhaler or was it perhaps, something a little less wholesome?

I’ll give you three guesses and a hint as to what it is. It sounds like Rogaine. No, it’s not Rogaine. Try again. Propane? What? You’re really testing my patience. Cocaine! There you go. I would have smacked you with my shoe if you didn’t get it. You know what? I’m going to do it anyway. And since I’m a nice guy, you get to choose. Would you like me to use my boot or this loafer?

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16 years ago

Read this interview Amy just did.

Within minutes she’s offering the reporter wine! and falling asleep!

Check it out…How is this chick still alive?

blake filder-civil
blake filder-civil
16 years ago

of course its coke!! i had to teach her how to hide it and make use of thtat smelly mess she calls her hair!!!