Brendan Fraser has changed

Brednan Fraser

Male pattern baldness has claimed another victim and his name is Brendan Fraser. In 2003, Fraser bore an eerie resemblance to a mad scientist touching one of those electrostatic globes as evidenced on the left banner pic. Yesterday in Shanghai, he appeared to have miraculously grown back a thick head of hair. Was it the holistic medicine of the Orient or something more sinister? The Daily Mail speculates,

Perhaps it’s courtesy of a hair transplant or an old fashioned toupee, but whatever the case, he looked to be rather pleased with the result, giving fans a thumbs up as he left the studio.

Coincidentally, this is what I imagined Tyra Banks’ head to look like. Imagine a woman running her hand through that thing on the left. By the time she gets to the end of it, she’ll probably have a good chunk of thinning hair stuck in her fingers. And no way is Brendan gonna part with that precious commodity that easily so he’ll let out a nervous chuckle, un-weave the hair from her hand and try to super glue it back to his scalp. All the while, he’s grinning his maniacal grin and motioning her to put down her purse because any attempts at escape will be thwarted by the combination lock on the front door.

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Chelle Crosby
Chelle Crosby
13 years ago

It doesn’t matter, bb….I still loves you! Still Breathing Rulz!

13 years ago


12 years ago

I love him on left photo and on right photo too. For the man with so much charm like Brendan, his hair is not the main thing in the life. I glad that Brendan looks very good now, but I like his eyes more than hair.)))

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