Dennis Quaid’s twins accidentally overdosed

Dennis Quaid’s twin babies along with 13 others were mistakenly overdosed with a massive amount of anti-coagulant used to treat blood clots known as Heparin. On Sunday night, both babies began to bleed out and were transferred to the neo-natal intensive care unit where they remain in stable condition. TMZ reports,

Babies typically get 10 units. Our sources say they were each mistakenly given 10,000 units. The drug is used to flush out IV lines and prevent blood clots. We’re told one dose was given on Sunday morning, another on Sunday evening.

We’re told a technician stored the Heparin in the wrong place, and when a nurse grabbed the medicine for the babies without looking — it was the wrong dosage.

A source says the babies are now being given Protamine, which reverses the effects of Heparin.

Apparently, today is sad baby story day. First it was Angelina Jolie’s Zahara and now it’s Dennis Quaid’s twins. Later, TMZ will have an exclusive report about how Sean Preston and Jayden James dragged Britney out of a burning house after she passed out with a lit cigarette in her hand as a result of her mid-meal kegger. You know, provided they’ve learned to walk and haven’t turned feral or into fat baby blobs content to sit in front of the tv with a sippy cup of Coke yelling at Maury Povich while their house burns down around them.

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