Linda Hogan is faking it

The St. Petersburg Times quotes Kimberley Kohn, attorney to the family of the guy Nick Hogan put in a coma, in regards to a crazy tale of deception by the Hogans. Kimberley claims Linda is divorcing Hulk Hogan in an effort to protect their assets in the likely event their sued. The SPT reports,

But if the Supra and the Viper are not registered to both parents, it could be harder to go after Mrs. Bollea individually, Kohn said. The mother’s degree of control over who used the vehicles would have to be determined.

Kohn said she would proceed with a civil suit as if the couple were married. She and attorney George Tragos, who represents Graziano’s mother Debra, will handle any civil suit, which she expects will be filed in 2008.

I wonder if that means there’s still a chance Nick might lose the Supra and the Viper. That would suck. A divorce AND a suit that could possibly leave Nick with no cars? In Nick’s own words, “Nooooo!” In Nick’s friend’s own words, ” “. Yep. I’m probably going to hell for that one.

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