Amy Winehouse perverted justice

Amy Winehouse was arrested by appointment earlier today for perverting the course of justice. Amy’s husband Blake was arrested on the same charges last month for allegedly assaulting a bartender. Amy’s rep, with a nervous chuckle, says this happens all the time and not to worry.

“Her husband has been charged with grievous bodily harm against a pub landlord. He was then further charged with perverting the course of justice.

“It had been speculated that police might have an interest in any allegation about his wife’s potential involvement.”

I thought this would be a sexy story, but it seems once again the English have tricked me. *Shakes fist at a map of London* Anyway, I got $10 on Amy fumbling around in her beehive for cocaine while being questioned. $20 on her answers being some variation of “Not without my Blakey,” or “It’s snowing in London,” while she stares at specks of cocaine tumbling out of her nose.

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