Helena Bonham Carter

If Sweeney Todd sucks, you can blame Helena Bonham Carter’s pregnancy breasts. The actress says her inflated chest affected the continuity of the film.

“Anyone who . . . pays attention to my breast size will see there’s no continuity,” she tells January’s Playboy. “The first half of filming I wasn’t pregnant, and the second half I was, and because we didn’t shoot it in order, I start off with huge breasts and then I walk upstairs and suddenly I’ve got tangerines again. It’s melons to tangerines.”

Yea, that’s really going to lower the quality of the film. I can’t tell you how many times huge boobs have gotten in the way of a great movie. Wait, yes I can. None. In fact, if Jessica Alba’s new horror movie, which is sitting at a 18% on Rotten Tomatoes, had a bunch of big breasted women randomly walking in and out of frame, it would have sucked far less and made more at the box office. I don’t have time to prove it to you right now, but I have a degree in Boobology… or was it Breastology? Whatever. The point is I have a degree in something so you can trust that I know what I’m talking about