Kristen Bell is princess Leia

In the upcoming movie Fanboys, Kristen Bell plays a nerd in a group of nerds on a quest to steal a Star Wars movie for their dying friend and what do hot, female nerds like to do besides commit misdemeanors? Why, dress up in sexy costumes of course.

I don’t know what’s more sad. That this could convince me to watch the movie or that 90% of the time the sexy costume is always Princess Leia or Wonder Woman. Where’s She-Hulk, Supergirl or the one that runs around giving everyone hand jobs. Not sure if that’s an actual superhero, but if it isn’t, it should be.

Bonus: For the men, Kristen Bell posing with Rachel Bilson. For the ladies, Hayden Christensen.

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Marcelo Pereira
Marcelo Pereira
15 years ago

Rachel Bilson was mede the same thing in “The OC”, wearing the clothes of The Wonder Woman