Mischa Barton is a topless sunbather

These pictures are a hodgepodge of confusion. First, Mischa Barton starts sunbathing topless or her bikini slipped which is fine by me, but then… is that Brandon Davis hanging around? Why is he molesting her from behind? Does this make sense to anyone? Am I seeing things? Is this an alternate reality where people aren’t instantly repulsed by his overactive sweat glands? Can there even exist such a reality?

On second thought, that doesn’t look like Brandon Davis, but I can’t tell.

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16 years ago

Yes that is Brandon Davis, and he sure got fat. I looked up photos of him and he wasn’t really thin but thinner than in these shots. And talk about Jen Love Hewitt having cellulite, just look at hers and she is thin. Anyone can have cellulite, it has nothing to do with being fat. She is so thin she has a space between her legs you can fly a jet through. together they look like the number 10. Sorry, I couldn’t resist the remarks, but seriously, they should know the photags are every where with their telephoto lens, the… Read more »

Rick Da Ruler
Rick Da Ruler
16 years ago

You just know that Mischa is a really just your typical semi-hott to hott club gurl tramp(except for her bank account) always in search of the next good time & ANYTHING that entails…Ya know the type, puts on a good front at home for the folks, then goes out and PUTS OUT FOR THE BOYZ AT NITE…MANY NITES…LMAO…Therefore, I want her…But being caught out there w/Greasy Bear is not a good look nor is the recent DUI scandal…All that means though is, to paraphrase Joe Camel, uh, I mean Jay-Z, “I wouldn’t WIFE her, but I’d ONE-NITE her”(a whole lot… Read more »