Yes please!

Kristen Bell went shopping for clothes yesterday and these were the sexy results. I thought women who rubbed their nipples and bent over while trying on clothes only existed in my fantasies. Ha! See that, brain?! I don’t need you anymore. This happens in real life too! Nice knowing you sucker! …How do doors work again? And can anyone tell me how to blink and pee?

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Rick Da Ruler
Rick Da Ruler
14 years ago

Kristen is another cute babe who might think she is a lotte hotter than she really is…Don’t get me wrong now, I’d definitely be smiling if I were tapping her like an ATM on vacation, but I think it’s best to get her within the next few years before her looks start to “jump the shark”…She kinda has a “I-might-turn-into-Glenn-Close-before-ya-know-it” kinda vibe going on about her…

14 years ago

Kristen Bell is one of the few actresses who doesn’t have a huge ego. Why do so many people think she has one. Just because these stupid sites post pics of her. It doesn’t make her like someone like Lindsay Lohan or any of those people. Kristen cares about other things besides herself and her money.

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